Chasing Your Clicks

Your clicks are profit.  Who are you giving profit to?  Who’s chasing your clicks?  Are you being mindful of your clicks? What profile do companies have on you because of your clicks?

We talked previousl of chasing health instead of wealth.  More of our time is being absorbed by computers for our jobs, hobbies, and social lives.  Everywhere we turn, there’s another opportunity spend more of our time staring at a screen.  Chasing health is about knowing where your time and energy is spent and deciding to spend it on the things that give you the greatest return. That may be some clicks and not others.  It may be avoiding clicking altogether when we don’t have to for whatever reason.

We have to work unless we are independently wealthy, retired or being supported by someone.  This leaves little time for our pursuit of health and happiness.  It’s awesome if we can combine our pursuits with our jobs, but most of us are spreading goat milk on the blocks being moved for our modern Pharos.  Those same Pharos have penetrated our personal lives with all the new fandangle.  How much freedom do we have when we allow ourselves to be absorbed into the new shiny things coming out?  How much time do we invest in our health and interrelated systems of our physical, mental and spiritual natures?

It’s up to each of us to chase our health in our own peculiar way.  A key to maintaining our connection to the world while managing our health is the understanding that there are click predators in the world.  These predators direct us away from our own purposes towards their own. Time slips away and our greatest resource diminished.  Depending on the click predator, our lives may be fundamentally effected.  It’s true that amazing things can unfold when purposes align.  More often than not it is our time that is wasted with nothing left over but pore posture and sleep depravation.  We only have ourselves to blame for the loss of time, health and happiness.  This is a decision we make every moment of the day whether it be while working, playing or socializing on our devices or spending time with family, friends or petty tyrants.

Mind Your Clicks

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