What’s your Bill of Life?

Until you define the product of your time and energy, you will be forever chasing your dreams. Chasing dreams is like searching for the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.  Chasing dreams is that sensation you have after a really good dream where you are connecting with another but upon waking are lying in bed alone.  Dreams have the capacity to teach us through interpretation and meditation on the imagery, but leave us nonetheless in the throes of reality to expend our time and energy in the real world on real outcomes.  To produce the life we want requires us to define it.  In engineering terms that is a bill of materials, energy and/or information.  To produce anything in the real world requires us to draw a line in the sand saying “This is what we’re going to do.”

In our personal lives it is the same.  We have to own up to “This is what I’m going to do.” Without a clear idea of what we want to happen, we will languish in suffering seeking the various numbing agents in life.  We will hit mid-age as a brick in the wall and have to break the constraints we put on ourselves by attempting to be something other than who we allowed ourselves to become.  We will have to own up to who we are and learn how to give a fuck about what’s important to us and give zero fucks for everything else.

To be successful in life is to draw a circle in the sands of time surrounding our lives.  Everything within the circle is what we determine is important and have control over.  We draw this circle pretty large when we are young and reduce the area as we grow older.  With age comes the wisdom of knowing just what little we truly have control over.  This circle of sphere of influence contains those things we can directly effect to our benefit.  For me, this sphere is quite small containing my time and energy to spend as I choose appropriate for my daily situation and the problems therein.  Outside this sphere lies everything else.  Somethings I have little influence over while most things I have no control over whatsoever.

Everyday, we have a choice of what to spend our time and energy on.  When we use our resources for something beyond ourselves the energy spent is more often than not returned in untold ways.  When we spend it on only our own benefit, the return on our investment is minimal and often none existent.  This compounds our attention on the activities directly relating to the life we define as our own.  When we chase dreams, the compounding of our attention and energy is lost to the sands of time never again to return.  That’s why it is extremely important we define what our long-term vision of what we want our lives to become. The simple act of defining what we want out of life concentrates our energies and makes it more likely to happen.  Obviously, life can throw us curve balls, but if we have no bill of material, energy or information those curve balls become strikes in the game of our lives.  It is up to us to define what we want out of life and use whatever happens to bring it about.

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