Avoiding A Wasted Life

A good friend and I had the opportunity to catch up at a work function recently. We talked of family and shared friends. We swapped thoughts about the different stages of life, kids and marriage. We spoke of the work we enjoy and the work we don’t. We sprinkled our conversation with politically incorrect but nonetheless highly entertaining topics. It was good to connect. After going our separate ways after the work social, there were a few thoughts still echoing in the recesses of my mind afterwards.

There’s thread of purpose and connection running through the tapestries of our lives. It’s there in the darkest times as well as the lightest. The thread is woven amongst the threads of connection with significant others, family, friends and what we do with our time. It’s the rarity or uniqueness of our particular tapestry. It’s the never ending search for something words can not quite capture. Attempting to capture these fleeting thoughts, I happened across a picture I found over a year ago. The echo of one of my wife’s favorite quotes seemed to point to what was in the back of my mind.

Out of dark times, the main character of the Last Samurai, Algren, was captured and confined by his enemy. The samurai village became his home and the leader of the village his teacher. Algren grew out of his darkness and despair finding connection where he had none. From the dark place of wanting his life to end, he found the value of life and the many small things within it. There’s one particular quote that captures the essence of a valued life and holding on to purpose no matter how small or large it may be.

“The perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your whole life looking for one, and it would not be a wasted life.” Katsumoto

Whether you connect with the movie or quote is not the point. The point is connecting with our own purpose allows us to not waste our time and the life we have. It’s looking back and accepting our little and big decisions as all leading up to who we are now. Remembering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, we say our decisions were the right ones as we survived the darkness and are in a better place. Whatever purpose you pursue make sure to invest whatever it takes to bring it about. Whether that be connecting with grand kids, your own kids or your spouse after having sacrificed so much to the kids and work. It could be completely selfless and dedicated to others. Your purpose may be something associated with work or completely not. A meaningful life comes from finding your purpose and pursuing it. What comes of our lives while pursuing our purposes adds meaning and connection which lights our way through the darkness of our lives.

So go find your blossom.

perfect blossom

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