There’s Value In Limits

We all hate limits placed on us. We fight against them as if our life and freedom are at risk. We struggle with those in our lives to maintain what freedom we have. This is true especially of an eight year old boy I know who yelled at his mom and I, “Why does there have to be limits?” He was upset and starting a tantrum about the time limit placed on his electronic device to not allow access to games after 8:00pm. Eight o’clock is his normal get ready for bed time so we thought it would be an easy thing, but no. It’s a major ordeal for the last few nights. We try and remind him his limit is approaching to no avail. Likely, it will get better and he will begin to manage himself with the constraints. Perhaps he will learn to manage his anger instead of it managing him, lashing out, and disconnecting from those around him. I suppose it is something we all have to learn. Time will tell if he can learn some self-restraint, anger management, and being authentic without disconnecting from others.

Here’s the rub that makes calamity of so long life. Our lack of self awareness and self control creates much of the issues we find ourselves in. Unfortunately, we recoil and spit negativity at those who have the wherewithal to share the truth of our situation. We like feedback less than having limits placed on us. Self control is a cornerstone of being a responsible person whether you are an eight year old boy learning about electronic device time limits or the president of the United States learning how to not tweet while on the toilet in the middle of the night. The ability to limit ourselves and listen to feedback is a critical to a better future for ourselves and the world we live in.

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