Communication’s Value

Passionate, principled, and idealistic are attributes that can get us hired in the jobs we want. On the other side of the sword these attributes can get us fired from the jobs we have. It comes down to how we use these attributes and more specifically the energy we derive from them. Each of our interactions has the potential to succeed or fail based on how we convey the information for the specific situation at hand. The thing we forget is the reception of our communication. It’s not communication unless information is received, understood and acted upon whether that be to disagree or connect what we do to make our mutual situation better. A key to the reception of the information we convey is the energy we use to deliver our message. Our energy emanates from our passions, principles, and ideals that likely don’t get shared explicitly. It’s what’s behind our words and ideas that give them force to alter course and potentially the affect the decisions and actions of those we interact with. This is true not only at work but in our family and social lives.  

We may really dislike the person we are interacting with but may not have a choice especially at work. Our success, failure and everything in-between emerges from managing how we convey our information and share the energy beneath our thoughts. Our ideas may be spot on, true, and meet all requirements, but if we turn people away with our energy, it doesn’t matter if we were right. If people don’t listen to our principles and ideas to make a better future, company, or relationship, then it does not matter. The most likely result when we don’t connect with others in our communications is that we lose value not only in that person’s eyes but in all the people they interact with concerning our topic, interests, and character. All our energy and principles amount to nothing if we are on an island by ourselves. It is for this reason, we have to understand where we are coming from and think about how others may receive us as we move between interactions. Without connecting with those we interact with, there is no communication and likely just disagreement and certainly loss of personal value. Herein lies something all of us forget at times, the value of communication is in the connections we make. Without connecting to those we interact with, we are just songbirds chirping away in the background of life that moves on without us.

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One thought on “Communication’s Value

  1. Well said, as i age My communications are not as important to the world, because I don’t need to fret about being understood, or accepted one way or the other. as a conveyor of wisdom, this bothers me not.
    Obviously things will play out as they should in the long run.
    As i age, i am more and more disconnected from the “New Times”, my old time is passing quickly, their is no need to
    ponder other’s intentions and meanings, follow your heart. Let go of your comparisons and power, don not be a small dictator, be an ally. Recognize the conversations that are worthwhile, some are meaningless.
    It takes a warrior to back away from burning energy because of ego.
    Save yourself, saybe someone will follow……your example.


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