Our Butts have Power

My goal is to publish my manuscript.  This blog’s intent is to present the ideas of A Valued Life, Managing the Business of You.  However, I want bring the ideas to life on this blog by interspersing excerpts from the manuscript with daily experiences and reflections.  In doing so, perhaps readers can relate to the concept of “the business of you” more readily.   Here recently, I’ve been looking for blog post ideas. When discussing my blog with my daughter, she told me to write about butts. I told her that’s not what my blog is about.  She kept on the topic like an 8-year-old can do giggling as she did so.  I then thought, why not.  If I can relate butts to the business of you, perhaps the ‘business of you” idea may be something just about anyone can get.  So here we go.

Our butts are an integral aspect of our body.  Our body is one of the fundamental resources we have to manage in our life to accomplish the business we set out to do.  Our butts allow us to walk, sit and move.  They are end of our digestive system.  They are next to our reproductive system.  Our butts have a natural pleasure or at least funny natures.  It seems like all kids, including kids inside us, go through a “butt” phase.  Jokes about butts, once started, are hard to stop in a conversation with an adolescent.  The word butt gets used to describe just about anything in the adolescent mind.  Some of us don’t get past some of our adolescent tendencies.    Perhaps that’s why butts hold an pleasurable attraction to the adult mind.

If we don’t get off our butts and move around, our health deteriorates.  We need to move our butts in order to take action, accomplish our goals and meet our objectives.  We have to bust our butts in order to do the things that bring about success.  We have to pull our heads out of our butts in order to listen and be aware of more than ourselves.  And, if we value our butts we can manage our business to avoid risks, grow our capabilities and bring about the vision we create in our own lives.  Our butts are another aspect of our business.

Leave it to an 8-year-old to help me understand my ideas in ways I wouldn’t have without her collaboration.  Of course, collaboration takes an open mind and a vision to organize around. She has the open mind that helps me open mine and I have the vision, at least for this blog.  What a wonderful combination.  There’s power in our butts if we simply use them appropriately.

Butts motivate us
Our butts are integral to our business.
(an Olson Picture)


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