Always Updating

As I tell my son and daughter, “I want to be learning to the end of my days” and “everyday we should be improving.”  This is true for everything we do.  I recent came across a blog post indicating that the most important pages on a website is the about pages.  This person summarized “How to write an about page” in five easy steps.

  1. Remember that it’s never about you (focus on the visitor’s needs)
  2. Include all the important information
  3. Make it personal (without TMI)
  4. Make it visual
  5. Show ’em what’s next.

I thought the ideas were good.  It made me think.  My intent so far is to put the ideas of my manuscript out into wild spaces of the internet.  Up until now I’ve focused on writing to potential agents and publishers.  Thus, I’ve been using the ideas on the web about marketing to agents and publishers.  The thing is, this is a website not a book.  It’s a blog with followers interested in short articles on my topic of interest.  I’m marketing to internet users here.

To continually improve, I used the ideas in Jamie Wallace’s article to rejigger the About Jacob and Why this Blog pages. My current focus is to relate to people and allow them to get to know me with the hope of increase in followers. This supports my ultimate purpose of developing a relationship with an agent and/or publisher.  To publish a non-fiction book in this day and age, it is beneficial if you can so you already have an interested market.

For the business of me, I am pursuing getting my manuscript published, but first and foremost I’m doing something I love to do.  I’m writing.  I’m sharing my thoughts with those who are interested.  If nothing comes of it, so be it.  I’m having fun and that’s one of the primary foci of my business.  If I can find a way to bring in some “mula” while doing it, all the better.

So, I’ve updated my About Jacob and Why This Blog pages.  Feel free to check them out.  If you like them, feel free to comment or send a link to a friend who you feel may benefit from reading some of the posts herein.

For all the followers reading thus far, I want to say thank you for sticking with me. Until next time, adieu.

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