Personal Management

It’s up to us to manage our personal business.  So what does it mean to manager the business of ourselves?

Our personal business management is the coordination of our efforts to accomplish something using our resources effectively and efficiently.  It involves planning, organization, directing, resourcing and controlling ourselves in order to produce the results we desire, meet our own expectations and eliminate wasted effort.  In doing so we need to learn to assess the value of our efforts and the resources we have at our disposal.   There are fundamental resources available to all of us: time, energy and the assets of our body, mind and soul.  How we use our resources determines much of our success.  If we frivolously utilize our resources, we find worry, strife and regret.  However, if we manage ourselves like a business, we can accomplish what we intend.


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personal management
To Manage is to use resources effectively and efficiently to accomplish something with coordinated efforts

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