Threshold Identity

Our identity constantly evolves with increased change during periods we pass through a threshold.

I’ve been working at a growing company for years.  We have reached a point of diminished returns on our efforts to grow and change.  We maintain instead of improve.  We look at the bottom line instead of the whole picture.  Our metrics drive individual functions to optimize with limited or no involvement from other areas.  This in turn drives further inefficiency and fragmentation.  Focused on our programs, we lose site of the integrating support functions as they do not directly contribute to the bottom line.  It can be a very frustrating environment.  However, we have maintained a successful business for a very long time including down turns in the economy.  It is my observation that we have arrived at a threshold where we can either commit to improving to meet the demands of larger complex programs or we can focus on the strong identity we developed doing smaller programs.

When we grow up the threshold of adulthood is very similar.  We have to commit to our individuality and improve through learning or we can maintain the same immature mindset and emotional reactivity.  We all have different levels of maturity in different areas of our lives.  In the right environment we can be very mature and handle complex situations.  In other situations where our identity is threatened we revert to juvenile behavior.  Furthermore, being juvenile can be fun.   But is our behavior appropriate for who we are becoming?  What are the impacts to our future selves of our present behavior?  Are we continually improving so that we can take full advantage of what life has to offer?  Are we present in our lives?

There are various thresholds throughout life.  It’s up to us to drive improvement in our lives so that we can do more with the life we have.  And, when we find ourselves at a threshold we have a decision to make.  We can either become what we intend or be slaves to what we were.

Leaving the threshold of the Earth

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