Integrating Our Business

The business of you is not self-centered and focused solely on the individual.  Another perspective just as important is how our business integrates with the business of other individuals, organizations as well as nature’s “business.”  We are a system that integrates with nearby systems as well as the larger systems around us.  Even when we choose to be self-centered and not care about others, our actions impact the systems around us as we share interdependence with those systems.  The business of you is about recognizing how we integrate through our interactions.  It is also about observing the interdependence we share with the systems around us.  Everything we do has an impact in our own lives as well as the systems we interact with.  We affect others.  We affect the larger system of our environment.  When we choose the vision for our business and decide what objectives and goals support that vision, we have the opportunity to align with the forces and natural developments occurring in the systems we interact with.  Knowing that we are integrated with the systems around us, it’s up to us to decide what’s appropriate for both ourselves and the environment.  We create our lives with every decision.

torch light
A late night torch to create by.
by Panther40k (wikicommons)


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