Our Bubbling Spring of Intent

Intent springs forth from the center of who we are.  It emerges from combination of the choices that well up from within, the rational decisions we make as well as our integration with the unfolding situation.  Intent is our motive power that gives us purpose and meaning through the actions we take to achieve it.  It is a force within our mental system that keeps our consciousness ordered.  Knowing what our intent is in both short and long term time horizons allows us to align our daily decisions and activities with the vision for our life.  This is easier said than done as our intent changes over time and our unconscious motivations can overpower our rationally selected paths. This leaves us to occasionally realign ourselves with our ever evolving intent.  One way to do this is to ask ourselves, what needs to be done? What is of value right now? Successful CEOs ask this question to stay abreast of the changing market place as well as provide a new outlook on what leadership is needed.  The question of what needs to be done can apply to both the long and short term.  Fundamentally the question is a meditation on our ever evolving intent.

So, ask yourself, “What needs to be done now?”

Still spring of our intent
Our Bubbling Spring of Intent
(wikicommons: Hupao “Dreaming Tiger”)

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