When it is Time to Move On, just Live with Life

Three colleagues of mine recently announced they were moving on.  One is moving on to pursue her dreams as a flight test engineer.  Another is letting go of the working life for a few months to hike from Sweden to Greece.   The third is taking a job with her husband at the same company so that both will be doing what they want and being well compensated for the move.  This contrasts with a few months ago when quite a few colleagues were let go from my company due to our loss of a major contract.   For some changing jobs was an  unanticipated change.  For others it was change they pursued.  Either way, our personal business is to take advantage of change.  Nobody likes being let go from a job, but it is nonetheless an opportunity.  Finding new paths is fun if we allow ourselves to roll with the changes.  Adopting a sense of exploration and looking forward to the unknown can empower us to withstand amazing trials, tribulations and difficulties whether self-induced or not.  Coupling exploration with a vision for our selves allows us to see opportunities where others may not.  When we have our own purposes in mind that align with the systems we interact with, we more easily capitalize on the inherent randomness around and within us.  When we find that it’s time to move on, we do it willingly.  We look forward letting the past be what it is.  This allows us to live with life here and now.

always looking forward
Our Vision Keeps us Looking Forward.
(an Olson Picture)


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