Our Business is Growth

I went to lunch with a couple of colleagues that I consider people who exemplify the principles of this blog.  They manage their business.  They not only have an idea of what they want out of life but they follow their own purpose.  Their actions serve both the greater good of the systems they integrate with and their own purposes.

I started our conversation by asking what it is that makes them so good at what they choose to do.  We talked of many different aspects, but more often than not returned to the idea of growth.  In our discussion we brought up self-improvement, exploring boundaries, learning, doing what’s right, getting the most out of situations and making a difference.  Some of these things are not easy to pin down.  What difference do we want to make?  What is the right action?  When does our learning stop?  How do we grow as individuals?

All of these questions are good to contemplate.  When we think of business we often associate growth with economic value or net worth.  However, this is probably the least important when it comes to managing the business of you.  Our financial worth emerges from our actions and behaviors which in turn come from the decisions we make.  Our decisions originate out of our physical, mental and spiritual natures.  It is this meaning of growth that is of utmost importance.  Growth is the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally or spiritually.  It is the process of increasing the value or importance of ourselves.   Focusing on our personal growth while serving purposes greater than our own through our integration with the systems around us is exemplary of the managing the business of you.

Strange attractors
We grow internally as we learn and experience life.
(Karperien Strange Attractor from wikicommons)



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