Finding our Center

I was having lunch with a friend when we began discussing being aware of our center.  For myself I find there’s a still point within where things simply drop away.   Pain, Pleasure, worry, happiness and thoughts aren’t there.   For my friend, the experience is more akin to a soft light that gives energy to her allowing her to let go of her worry, angst and such.    At times we have to re-find our center as life has a way of moving us out of it or perhaps our hustle and bustle has us orbiting our center instead of living from it.

No matter how we experience our center, it is critical that we find it, know it and return to it frequently.  It is the home within ourselves no matter where we may travel in the outside world.  When we live out of this abode for our spirit we can witness when others are not centered.  Some do not have a home within and place their definition of themselves outward in others or within organizations.  For whatever reason their business has not discovered this internal oasis where the spirit is rejuvenated.  Perhaps they animate their lives through their connection with others.  No matter how we refresh ourselves, it is a key point of our personal business to know how to do so.

There are many means by which we can find our eternal spring of energy and spirit.  Religious experience can lead us there.  Meditative techniques can help us discover it.  There are even some authentic spiritual leaders who help people achieve this understanding.  However we may find it, we all have to observe what happens to us and find our ability to orient ourselves to the revitalizing elements in our live or within ourselves.  We center ourselves by finding the essence of who we are, being aware of it and nurturing it throughout our lives.

fractal zooming
Finding and operating our of our center is a life journey.
(Phoenix(Julia) wikicommons)

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