Find the Fun

There is a perception of fun, joy and contentment within the moment.  Do you know it?  It is where we create our vision is out of our decisions and actions.  It is a state of mind where the challenge of a given situation is in line with our skill level, without anxiety, worry, apathy or boredom. This is where our sense of time is altered, where only the present matters and we have a loss of ego.  This experience is not something we can make happen.  It occurs unexpectedly and without conscious manipulation.  It can be as simple as an enjoyable distraction, a diversion for the mind and body or it can be found in directed activities in search of a specific outcome, like work.  The more we experience the easier it becomes to find it.  Fun can be found in connecting with the essence of any pleasurable or directed experience when we allow judgements to fade away.  Fun is intrinsically motivated and voluntary.  No matter what happens to us, there is the possibility of find the state of mind where we tune into the challenge and meet it with the appropriate skills while creating the future we truly want.

The value of fun is the incremental increasing of our life satisfaction.  To extract the joy out of the unfolding reality occurring at all times, we have to let go of our worry about the end state.  We have to realize that there are many potential paths to create the vision we truly want.  We have to direct our play and allow for the natural uncertainty inherent in every moment.  We have to embrace the unknown and the unknowable.  By doing so we open ourselves to whatever happens.  What happens will happen and will not happen any other way.  To expect something to happen is to limit ourselves. This does not mean we can not create our vision, set goals objectives and targets.  Rather, it means we set them and allow them to manifest via our ongoing interaction and integration with the larger systems around us. In fact, having a vision for the long-term future allows us to create the future we truly want.  We begin doing what we love instead of doing what needs to be done.  If we voluntarily let go and embrace the perception of play, then our goals come to pass because of our commitment and work we put further in doing what it takes to achieve them.  Creating our vision and obtaining our objectives will seem effortless when we find the fun.  Creation is primary, so whatever we do, do with a sense of play.

Creating our vision diagram
Life satisfaction, contentment, joy and fun are all found when we create our vision while integrated within larger systems


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