The Gift of Accepting our Sexual Nature

Along with the power of our butt, getting moving, exchanging energy and our health in general, another physiological asset is our sexuality.  Sex is a fundamental energy of life no matter what we are told by our peers, society or religions.  Reproduction is the basis of perpetuating life.  This is a biological fact.  Sexuality has two aspects that are both assets in our lives.  First there is our sex type.  To be female or male, boy or girl, is to accept and express our anatomy.  From birth we learn what our sex type is “supposed to be” and how our peers expect us to act.  This in turn creates the Other within comprised of all those things we are not supposed to be on the outside. This Other within is what we project out onto our relationships and seek out unconsciously in our relationships either in positive or negative manners.  The body language we express originates in our unconscious and filtered through our inner selves and communicated through our movements.  Our sexuality is expressed every moment of every day of our lives.  It either shines through our posture or we shy away from it and hide in our posture.  Being aware of the sexual language we express through our bodily movements is a huge asset that we can bring to bear on many of our interactions at work and in our personal lives.  For our own business it’s important to observe and understand our own body in all its facets from the sexual to the intellectual.  Most importantly, self acceptance is a critical starting point whether we seek to change ourselves or just utilize the assets we have.

The second asset of our sexuality is the act itself.  Sex is the basis of reproduction and the motive force of how our species continues into the future. We have unconscious instincts which drive us in ways we are unable to anticipate in life.  Knowing this, it’s important to know how our bodies work and what it takes to make off spring if we choose to perpetuate our species as part of our individual business.  Many people do not even want to talk about the sexual act let alone share intimate feelings about it.  Men and women will joke and poke at the topic in their stereotypical manners, but it is healthier psychologically to bring our experiences out of the proverbial closet and share with at least our intimate other in order to nurture our relationship.  Furthermore, if we can talk more openly with our close friends we may be able to apply lessons learned without having to fumble through the potential pain and hardship ourselves.  From the business of you perspective, giving value to our sexuality is one of the primary mechanisms we have for accepting more pleasure and happiness into our lives.   It is the pleasure of the act and the gratification of accepting our sexuality that has the capacity to fuel our creativity, sense of life satisfaction and daily happiness.  Pleasure is our birth right and an integral part of our adult play to find the fun in life.  We are beautiful as we are whether we have a lingam or yoni.  Our pleasure is our responsibility.  This leaves us to own it, love it and express it as appropriate in our given situations.  In this sense our sexual activities and nature are as much of an asset as our skills, abilities, activities or emergent health are in our business approach to life and extracting the most value from it.

The gift of accepting our sexuality is akin to the story of Cupid and Psyche.  The story concerns overcoming the obstacles to love between Psyche (Greek for “Soul” or “Breath of Life”) and Cupid (Latin for Eros, “Desire” or Greek “Love”) and their ultimate accepting of one another through union or marriage.  It has been retold in a myriad of ways and mediums.  Of interest to this article is the gift of pleasure in our life through accepting the sexual nature who and what we are.  Accepting this aspect of ourselves is a resource to draw on.

sexuality is a gift
Eros and Psyche. Breathing life into our soul through the erotic.
(picture from wikicommons)

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