Life is Movement

There is something unique to all of us, our bodies.  Being married to an identical twin, I’ve come to realize that each body is unique.  Our experience leads each individual down a separate path of integrating with their body, even if they start with identical DNA.  Our bodies and minds are an integrated whole that surpasses its constituent components.  How we think and feel affects our posture and bodily make up.   Likewise, our posture and physical activities can affect our mind and how we feel.  Our minds are a reflection of our bodies and our bodies reflect of our mind.

Having instructed Taoist Tai Chi for about 15 years prior to starting the family project, my wife and I had the opportunity to observe and help many people with their connections.  As instructed, we focused on keeping things simple.  We also learned it is up to the individual to figure out the connections between mind and body on their own.  An instructor or even the master of an art form can show us something but until we experience a particular movement, a feeling or the openness discussed, we struggle.  The same holds true for our kids.  No matter what we tell them, until they figure it out on their own it’s just words.  This struggling is how we learn and grow.  Sometimes it takes years to understand through experience something rather simple someone attempted to show us or share with us.  One thing Dr. Elliot Kravitz a geriatric specialist shared with us years ago in a Taoist Tai Chi workshop is the following idea.  “Life is movement.


life pictogram
Without movement there is no life.

The next couple of posts will be about our physiological assets that support the business of you including:
Exchanging Energy throughout Life
Our Health is an Asset
Accepting Our Sexual Natures

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