Happy Birthday

The following post is dedicated to my spouse, Jessica. Although it is personal in nature, I put it out into the world as an example of managing the business of a relationship which feeds the business of me.  It’s also a barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world to express the magnitude of my gratitude for having you as a life long business partner.

Happy birthday Jessica.  And, happy birthday Melissa (her twin sister).

Without the support of my spouse, this blog and my manuscript would have never been created. I’m unable to express the gratitude I have inside for Jessica, the life and family we’ve created.

Each of us emerge out of all the interactions and interdependencies in our life with ourselves, others, and our environment.  We are the product of our decisions and actions in the past.  To state the same idea in the construct of this blog, we are the product of the business we conducted.  This is true whether we thought of ourselves as a business or not.  Everything we do creates our future self.

For you Jessica, one of your primary interactions and interdependencies having been there from your conception and the splitting of the zygote is your twin sister.  It has been a pleasure to get to know you in the last  20 years. We’ve had ups and downs.  With Melissa and her husband Jason’s help 14 years ago we made it through not having jobs for more than six months at the same time.  The great contraction in our lives set up the conditions by which we expanded our lives to what we have today.  Of coarse we worked our asses off to get here. We’ve learned and continue to learn a from each other. One thing I’ve been able to learn from you is what a truly intimate relationship feels like. I’m lucky as you were created with such an intimate relationship from the start having shared a womb, room and desk with your sister for so long.  For this reason, I must thank Melissa for her help in shaping you into such an intelligent, friendly, and giving person.

My long-term strategy is to continue creating our life together until the end of our days.   My short-term tactic is to keep our mental, physical and spiritual dialogue and exchange of meaning alive, exploratory and ongoing.  If we can keep learning from each other, I think we will make it to the 40 year relationship mark in what will seem at that time like a blink of the eye.  In some sense today is the birth day of the rest of our days together.

Happy Birthday Jessica.

p.s. Hopefully those who read this having no idea of who Jacob, Jessica, Melissa and Jason can get a sense of how the business of you relates to the relationships, interactions and interdependencies in life.  At least, that was the intent along with sending out my barbaric yawp saying happy birthday.

(yawp from Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass and depicted in The Dead Poets Society)

Happy Birthday Jessica and Melissa!

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