Enjoying the Unknown

“Settling into not knowing”

“Enjoying the unexpectedness”

“I’m really thankful that I’ve cultivated a life that has gotten me to a point where I can preserve this space to allow things to play out as they might.”

These are the words of a friend of mine off on a journey in Europe in a recent post.  She’s using HelpX to exchange work for short-term food an accommodation.  Starting in February in Stolkhom, she’s been to Denmark and now in Ireland.  There’s been ups and downs as documented on her blog, Tarts and Travels.  (https://tartsandtravels.wordpress.com).

She’s following her own path despite many people including her parents cautioning her against it.  She’s an example of finding value in her own life, and “managing the business of you,” even though she doesn’t think of it that way for herself (as far as I know).  She made a decision and is following it through.  She had limited knowledge of what to expect.  She knew about the risks.  She knew what it would cost her in time and other resources.  She planned out her travels and is letting the rest unfold as it may.

Managing our business can happen whether we are on a journey abroad or drudging through our particular situation at home. If we can know our value, what we value in life and come up with a plan to create our vision, we can let what happens happen.  We can adapt to the unfolding moment knowing our direction and self-given purpose.  We can settle into not knowing exactly what will happen and enjoy it all the same.

Megan, thank you for letting me write about your situation and quoting you.

Settle into not knowing by holding on to what you value.

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