Managing Constraints

Keeping things flowing amidst a myriad of constraints is the essence of management.  This is true for a mid-level manager in an aerospace company, a line supervisor, a restaurant chef or us as individuals.  We are faced with requirements, constraints and expectations all the time.  Finding a way to meet a goal or bring about an objective despite restrictions is management.

Managing the business of you, we have to be aware of our vision of what we truly want, our current situation, our available resources including our daily ego depletion.  Planning is essential, but in the middle of making things happen we have to be flexible to allow reality to be what it is.  Constraints come and go. Life changes all the time.  And, we evolve all the time improving our capacity for independent action within our specific situation.  Things flow with or without our engagement leaving us with a choice to be a victim or accountable for our business in this life.

What choice are you making today?

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