Balancing the Shadow and Light

As mentioned last time our egos can get in the way of the progress we seek.  We may want to improve.  We may want to follow the lead of someone trying to help us.  However, our egos hold us in the center of the universe.  When we are at the center, we fail to see the effects we have on others.  Our shadows are everywhere we don’t focus on. Thus we miss opportunities to integrate some of our negative traits and behaviors into our conscious awareness.

If we are too rational, we lose sight of the softer side of  reality.  When others express their feelings through sadness, tears or other emotional outbursts, we turn away thinking that’s not us. To maintain our being at the center of the universe we tell ourselves we are better or simply separate ourselves from those emotional folk.

If we are more emotional and what the thinking types call irrational, we lose sight of the clarity and directed side of reality.  When others tell us about having purpose and making sure we know why we do thing things we do, we turn away feeling that that’s not us and they just don’t understand.  To maintain our heart-felt center of the universe we tell ourselves those rational folk just don’t know how to feel or separate ourselves from those thinking types.

The fact is we are all both emotional and rational.  We are light and dark.  Both approaches are equally valid and we can learn from those we find so different from ourselves.  Seeking balance we have to enter our shadow lands whether the darkness holds our feeling or our intellect.  Our shadow is just as much a part of us as the ego lit conscious realm.  So, when you are faced with your petty tyrant or someone who just irks you, ask yourself, “What can I learn from them?”  “What part of me do they represent?”  “What would I do if I approached life from their perspective?”

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