Finding Reflections of Ourselves

Last week we spoke of balancing the shadow and light within ourselves.  Our ego-centric view is a tool.  Like all tools we need to use our ego to the extent it’s useful. Being in the center of the universe can get in the way of our continual improvement and integration with our environment and the people in our lives.  When we hold tight to our ego-centric universe, we give some of our power away. We differentiate or separate ourselves from the rest of the world.  We focus on our differences and in doing so allow others to use our separateness to their advantage.

Instead of giving others power over you through separating them from your ego bound center of the universe, find the fun and connect with what they represent.  Seeing others as reflections of ourselves, expands our awareness and slowly de-centralizes our life.  Over time, the dethroning of our ego can help us better integrate with our environment and the people we choose to connect with.  When we integrate, we empower ourselves with awareness and understanding which in turn fosters the business of you.

So, the next time you find fault or don’t understand someone in your life, take a moment and reflect. How am I like that person?  What part of myself am I projecting onto that person?  What energy do I need to take back within myself?

Answering your own questions of this nature can help expand your world by connecting instead of separating.

Biz of You
Allow others to reflect the light within yourself.

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