Timing of Now

When we lose a loved one or friend, we often think of the time lost to the past when we could have spent more time with them.  We think and feel we could have taken more time to enjoy our relationship or experience more with them.  We do what we can.  We make choices in the moment in the best way we can given our current constraints, capabilities and availability of time.  To think back in regret or negativity towards ourselves is to not trust who we were and sets the stage for not trusting ourselves in the future.  Our previous selves did what we had to do just as our current selves are doing and likewise our future selves will do.

Trusting ourselves in what we did, are doing, and will do is a key to our confidence.  This self-acceptance builds a foundation we can create the lives we truly want for ourselves, others and the society at large.  Without trusting ourselves, our relationships at home, work and within our societal groups suffer.  Our self-trust enables us to build trust with others.  Trusting ourselves is a cornerstone of using the time we have to its fullest extent.  Trusting ourselves allows us to accept life as it is.  Aligning our activities with our intent and what’s happening around us is using timing to better our business.  It is finding the connection of our past, present and future.  It is the endless timing of now.

timing of now
Trusting ourselves times our activities with what’s happening now.

2 thoughts on “Timing of Now

    1. Thank you. Although I may not have commented, I’ve enjoyed your recent posts on tartsandtravels.wordpress.com. Relative to this particular post of not wasting time, I find your enjoyment of the life unfolding abroad is inspiring to say the least. Finding your home wherever you may be is exemplary of managing the business of you.


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