What is Timing?

The martial arts master I had the opportunity to practice with mentioned timing many many times and thus the instructors he trained used it in their teachings.  Relative to martial arts it is the application of energy in such a manner to elicit to specific movements internally or externally.  In comedy, timing is critical to enhance humor or the effect of a particular joke.  In music it is synchronizing to an ensemble or rhythm.  In computer programming it is sequencing events within code and data acquisition to achieve a specific computer or program event.  In management is it the use of problems to help people develop in a manner conducive to both their goals as well as the organization.  In business timing is used to predict market influences and movements.  What is timing for the business of you?

When we set out to accomplish something in our lives, we must sequence our learning, practice and execution of our plans.  We have to space the events necessary to achieve our objectives and manifest our intent.  Good timing is matching the parts of our lives that belong together while aligning with our intent   Graduating high school is a good event prior to entering college unless you are some kind of child prodigy.  Graduating college or completing our tour(s) in military service if that’s our chosen path is a good foot in the door to the career we want to pursue.

When we don’t know our objectives or intended path in life, timing is simply waiting for the right moment to snatch what we want out of the opportunities that present themselves to us.  Using what happens to us to serve our own success is also an aspect of timing.  This may be a jam session with friends or just enjoying what happens. Timing is the spacing of events the facilitate something happening that serves to enhance our happiness or quality of life.

As Hesiod indicated over 2700 years ago, “Observe due measure, for right timing is in all things the most important factor.”

Timing is Critical to the Business of You.


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