Have you audited yourself?

If you know you have a problem, the first step is to contain the negative affects.  As stated last week we had an audit resulting in finding lapses in our ability to do what we say and say what we do.  We had a challenge to our organizations integrity.  As required by the aerospace standard AS9100, we have seven days to respond with a statement indicating the organization has taken action to contain the potential negative impacts of what was found.  To maintain our integrity it is imperative we collect objective evidence for future reference backing up what we said we did.  That’s one of the first things the auditors will look for next year.  If we can’t prove we did what we said we did, we get a repeat finding which is a major thing and is a threat to our certification.

This same thing happens to you when you and directly relates to managing the business of you.  Have you ever had to prove you have a social security number or driver’s license?  Have you ever had to show a friend you did something in order to gain trust? Have you ever had to deliver results to a new boss or job?  Have you ever had to show your loved ones you mean what you say?  This is the same principle.  To establish trust we have to show congruence between our actions and out intentions.  Integrity results from showing the results produced from applying our capabilities consistently to bring about our intent.  Over time, we build trust with people.  In this sense we get audited all the time and don’t even know it.  Our actions and behaviors when consistent with our intent and character prove to other we are reliable, accountable and trustworthy.  When our actions and behaviors are not congruent with our motives and intent, people suspect something and trust is taxed.  We have a choice to make from an early age whether to act consistently with our purposes or not.  What choice are you making?  Perhaps you should audit yourself.

Have you checked your integrity lately?

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