Slow Down to Go Fast

In my youth, I used to think that being safe was being conservative and not focusing on getting the job done. After a couple decades of experience beyond my youth and attending the safety classes my work is offering, I’ve learned safety comes from awareness.  Awareness comes from thinking about what might happen, understanding the potential hazards and communicating critical information.

Relative to the biz of you, staying alive is an unwritten axiom.  Without life there is no business of you.  Our life is first and foremost the essential resource we have.  Learning how people are killed, maimed or seriously injured due to not being aware of their surrounding, the hazards and not thinking before they act really brings home the idea that safety is the first consideration.  Just taking a few seconds to think through our next action can save our life or preventing injury.  Slowing down to think things through can help us achieve our goals quicker than speeding up and causing other issues due to our lack of awareness. Sometimes we have to slow down to go fast.  Or, to put it another way, Slow down, do it right and it will take less time. Understanding where we are and what we are doing is critical.  This awareness is also the foundation of knowing how to proceed with the business of you.  Knowing our current situation is the first step in understanding what other steps we need to take in order to bring about the vision we have for our lives.  It’s also the key to safety.

The biz of you is all about making sure you’re doing the right thing.

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