Being More Human

A friend of mine shared a Fortune Magazine article with me.  In Humans are Underrated ( by Geoff Colvin, there are some excellent observations and feedback we can learn from and continue adapting to our modern age.

Technology is replacing jobs around the world.  Think of robot surgeons, cars and truck drivers.  Software can research legal cases better than humans can.  There are abundant examples of our creations supplanting the need for our direct involvement.  Should we be worried?  If technology takes over for us, what’s left?  These are awesome questions.

Just as we adapted to the industrial and agricultural revolutions, we will adapt going forward.  The things we build ultimately free us to explore new possibilities.  We are setting the stage for more advancement.  This is exciting provided we are able to let go of how we do things now.  Herein lies the crux of our predicament as we evolve.  To grow and change requires us to learn, apply what we learn and let go of what we were previously doing.  We can’t rest on our laurels. This can be hard especially when we are entrenched in a particular method or way of thinking.

As the article points out, we are at a point when we need to reflect on what truly makes us human. Geoff indicates relationship building, teaming, co-creativity, brainstorming, cultural sensitivity and the ability to manage diverse employees will be the focus going forward. And, as scientific data shows these are the traits that women are naturally better at.  These are the qualities that help us interact and relate to others.  “if we didn’t do those things on the savanna 10,000 years ago, we died.”  These elements of empathy stem from how we act and behave and not necessarily what we know.  We are at a point where we need the strengths of both male and female to take the next incremental step in our evolution.

Relative to the biz of you, this article is feedback on how to be successful in our ever changing environment. Like going to the doctor it is information we can use to improve not only our personal but also our professional lives.  The questions above then become:

  • What are your human strengths?
  • How do you interact with people and the environment?
  • How can you better yourself to enable your team to create their vision?
  • What people can I learn from to strengthen my humanity?

These questions directly relate to the biz of you.  They invariably lead to “why” questions that take reflection and seeking feedback to answer and ultimately facilitate change. As Geoff says, “When you change perspectives and look inward rather than outward, you’ll find that what you need next has been there all along. We face at least the opportunity to create new and better lives.”

Be more human
Our humanity is one of our greatest assets
Our humanity is one of our greatest assets



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