Keep the Head Up

Having a little more time over the holidays affords a time for reflection.  A year ago, I posted Managing Our Time and Distractions and linked to the YouTube video, Look Up.  I still think it’s a good video.  Others do as well as it gained another 11,000,000 views in the last year.  Some of the comments are comical to read with both negative and positive perspectives.  Some point out the video is negative towards technology where others point out how it’s inspirational.  Some try to point out “scientific” stuff and others simply express their anger or disappointment in the video. You know what opinions are like . . . and everyone has one.

I point this video out as it captures some of what the biz of you is about.  Specifically, it is up to us individually to manage our time and attention.  It’s up to us to know what’s important to us.  It’s important observe the world around us and not get consumed by the gadgets we cling to.  I personally don’t think it’s negative towards technology but rather points out how we can become addicted to our electronic connections to the point of losing our physical or psychological connections with others and missing opportunities in our lives.  It’s up to each of us to balance our time as we see fit for our own purposes.  Our gadgets are simply tools.  It’s up to the us to use them appropriately in our day to day lives to find the fun.  If we lose our connections, it’s up to us to reconnect as we determine is important.  What we do with our time is up to us and we can accomplish many things if we keep our heads up to observe the possibilities unfolding around us.


Along these lines I found something recently on relating something similar posted originally by Keanu Reeves.

Live Today
Live Today

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