What if…

What if we managed our lives as successful businesses do?
How are businesses similar to our individual lives?

Businesses have a purpose and provide products and/or services to customers in exchange for goods, services or money.  They manage resources to achieve the objectives they set to bring about the vision they have. Successful businesses plan their work. When they work the plan effectively and efficiently, success emerges however the business defines their success.

Consider the business of you.  If you didn’t exist would anyone miss you?  Those are your customers.  Your actions affect your future self and thus you are a customer of your business as well.  Do you have a body and mind?  If yes, then you have resources you manage to do things.  Time is a renewable albeit limited resource in our lives.  Do you have any idea what you want to be or do in this life?  If yes, then you have a vision which can be turned into purpose.  Perhaps you don’t have a vision or don’t know what your purpose is.  If you’re reading this, you have resources to do something even if that purpose is given to you by someone else or an outside organization.  Without purpose, your business is meeting the expectations of others.  No matter what your situation, you have a business.  You may not be aware of it.  Considering this we all have a choice.  We can manage our biz or have it managed by others. As we manage our business we can fulfill our own purpose or that of others.  We all have a choice.

What if we managed our lives as a successful business?
What if we managed our lives as a successful business?

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