Biz of Travel

There’s a most excellent blog about being on the open road, living life to it’s fullest while traveling from place to place in Europe.  For more than six months, she’s been traveling in Europe on a shoe string budget and sharing her gastronomical, sight-seeing adventures.  I have only positive things to say about her blog posts, writing and photographs.

If you have a moment I encourage you to check out Tarts and Travels

From the perspective of managing the business of you, Megan is doing what she loves.  She set a vision despite unsupportive and supportive feedback, created goals to create her vision and is now managing her resources and daily life with regard to that vision.  That’s what the biz of you is all about.

Some of the not so recent posts I’ve enjoyed and pinned pictures from include:

St Andrews Scotland

A Spectacular Day of Wandering

Some Days You Just Have to Stop

Meeting of the Waters by Thomas Moore

Bronze Casting

There are many more and reading through them we can get a sense that creating the vision we have for our life is possible if we just keep at it.  Of course, those are my words as I see her website through the lens of the Biz of You.

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