Sea of Troubles

We face a myriad of difficulties changing day-to-day, month to month and year to year.  At times it is overwhelming.  It’s easy to get lost in our woes and worries when constraints out number the freedoms in our lives.  In these times it is extremely important to use the social resources available in our lives and personal business to gain perspective.  Our connections with others can help us reconnect with the essence of ourselves thereby finding the fun inherent in our activities whether constrained or not.

Sometimes we simply don’t see the truth right before us and need subtle and not so subtle reminders.  Our self-worth and value tarnishes from constant wear and tear on our spirit.  We can get lost in the sea of troubles surrounding us.  Sometimes we need some cleaning to rediscover the shine emanating from our center and get back on course along the waves of things unfolding around us.

Relative to the biz of you, knowing when to use the resources in our lives to reconnect with our core business is a vital part of being successful no matter how you define success in your life.  Sometimes we simply need to suffer the slings and arrows and other times we need to take arms against the sea of troubles.  Connecting with ourselves and those around us helps us gain perspective and enables us to make the decisions most appropriate in our situation with what knowledge we have.

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