Process Approach

Enabling the next step by doing things now is using a process approach.  This process starts with a recognition of what’s needed by ourselves or others in the future after we get done doing what we have to do.  We follow through on the process approach when we take extra care now to enable the next person to do what they have to do a little more efficiently.  This could be as simple as warning them of risks and safety or it could be doing some of what they need to do in order to facilitate the next activity.

In the home it may be putting away the dishes before cooking starts.  It could be starting a load of laundry to help things keep moving as far as getting the clothes clean.  It could be having the evening meal ready by the time the significant other gets home or just making the bed. At work, the process approach can be simply giving people information so they can be successful in their work or making sure a workstation is clean and organized before the next person uses it.

It’s the attention to details and the little things we do helping the next activity that generates respect and trust by that future person whether that be ourselves, our families or coworkers.  When we see something to help the situation we should lift a hand and do something about it.  No doubt others may not share this “eye see hand do” connection but that’s not the point.  This is not about ourselves and whether we get noticed.  And, it’s not about you versus I or us versus them.  It’s about getting things done and helping others get things done which enables us all to enjoy moving on to whatever may be next.  This process approach is how we can rapidly adapt to the ever-changing world we live in.  Sure enough there are always the doubters and self-focused individuals that don’t help out, but those who adapt and integrate with their environment by lending a hand will better their own business by helping their customers.  It is for this reason adopting a process approach is a fundamental premise of managing the biz of you.

Pay attention to the details about what's coming up next.
Pay attention to the details about what’s coming up next.

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