Own Up and Put Out

Transformation of inputs into outputs – this is the process by which the goals are obtained. 

I found the above line while poking around some system thinking pages on Wikipedia.  This is a basic idea of not only systems thinking but also the process approach mentioned in a previous post.  It’s also key to leadership.  Leadership is the activity by which people accomplish a desired goal in a way that affirms their cherished values.  Leadership falls apart In businesses that do not understand their values or accomplish the objectives they set.  Leadership fails in the long run when businesses do not set any goals other than profit, objectives beyond delivery of a product or don’t have a vision for what is important.

This is true of people as well.  We flounder and get lost in meaninglessness when we do not have any idea of what we want in life, no vision of the future, or understanding of ourselves.  We become tools of those that do have a sense of these things and then get upset about being manipulated.  Managing the Biz of You includes learning how to be a leader in our own lives.  To manage ourselves we have to have goals for ourselves, act in ways to accomplish those goals and affirm our own values. When we manage our biz we continually develop the life we value.  It’s up to us to take the bull by the horns  or the bitch by the collar and make shit happen.  We just happen to be the bull and the matador or the bitch and the trainer.  Pick your analogy and roll with it whether it be positive or negative.  We are both the master and slave in our lives. Everything we do now pulls the strings of who and what we will become in the future.  We are the primary cause of who we are.  Own up to life, take the reins, and put out as you see fit.

You are the primary cause of who and what you are right now.
You are the primary cause of who and what you are right now.

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