Soap Operas and Beer

The family went to Ridgway last weekend.  We stayed at a hotel and met a most patient friendly hotel manager but the name of Patti.  She put our 5-year-old to work helping set up evening drinks for the hotel guests.  We got to talking and she mentioned how she came to her current position via being a school teacher. No wonder she know how to deal with kids with such patience and understanding.  It was something we can learn from. She let us know she found herself at home watching soap operas and drinking too much beer.  She thought that was no way to spend retirement and thus took a job as a hotel manager at Chipeta Solar Springs Resort.

The reason I bring this up on the Biz of You blog is what my wife said while we were discussing the conversation with the manager after we retired to our room.  “You have to be able to manage your own time in retirement.  When we are at work someone else manages our time.” We both agreed in retirement there’s no one else to manager our personal business other than ourselves.  We also found harmony in our observation of how important it is to manager our biz no matter what phase of life we’re in.  There’s really no one else to look after us in this life.  Only we as individuals have the authority to choose what’s appropriate for our lives not matter what phase we are in.  It’s up to us to make choices that affirm our goals, values and link what we do to our vision of who we want to be.

authority to choose
Only you can make choices linking your actions to your aspirations.

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