Use It or Lose It

Without clear direction established by the purpose we give ourselves, time becomes the fire in which we burn. With no drive towards something, our time and energy is used by others for their own purposes. Marketing agencies use advertisement to drive us towards their purposes. Our friends and family can use us to get things done for them if we are not already investing in our own purposes. Work will use up every ounce of time and energy we are willing to give as it serves its purpose of profit for the organization. Like money, time is spent. We have a return on our investment when we spend our time with purpose while interacting with others and organizations.

Money doesn’t grow on trees but with every breath we have more time to invest as we decide appropriate. Money doesn’t exchange without our investment of time. Energy does not transfer or become useful without our taking time to make it so. Time is the ever flowing transaction by which we experience our lives and find the success we are looking for. We exchange time for our experience of pleasure, pain, suffering, or joy. We exchange our time at work for money we can use to fuel our needs and wants in life. It’s amazing how each one of us have a regenerative account of time we use to accomplish the goals and objectives we set for ourselves.

We can invest our time in a myriad of ways from the 30 second distraction checking our social media or Tumblr account to years spent developing our careers. From short, medium and long term perspectives, our time is ours to invest as we choose. Time is our primary asset we use to grow our health, wealth and warm relationships with others. Up until our last breath, time is the fire we can use to light our lives and keep our souls warm with the meaning that emerges when we follow our purpose to its end.

Invest wisely
Invest wisely

Additional Thoughts on Currency.

Currency is associated with money. However, the roots of the word go back to concepts of “current value” and “general value.” Tracing the roots further back we find ideas relating to “I run”, “I hurry, hasten, speed”, “I move, travel, proceed”, and “I travel through.” These older roots relate to time and energy whereas the more recent roots relate to value. Value comes from energy spent.  We spend our time on what we value. When we don’t we can find ourselves struggling with a sense of meaninglessness or despair. This happens when our actions do not connect with our purpose and our “running” towards something.

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