Know What You Value

“Happiness does not come from a job. it comes from knowing what you truly value, and behaving in a way that’s consistent with those beliefs.” 
-Mike Rowe, Host of “Dirty Jobs”

To know what you value is the cornerstone of managing the biz of you. You get caught up in the currents of your environment without awareness of what you value. Your job may feel like drudgery. You wind up preaching the same nonsense of those you follow or look up to. Your interactions are reflections of others instead of who you really are inside. Our decisions and actions are inconsistent when we are not true to our selves. Those who interact with us see this and realize we are not someone to follow.  Our actions are lost in the sea of troubles drifting into meaninglessness.

On the other hand, we find ourselves in leadership roles when we know our values and act consistently with our values.  Our demeanor and behavior becomes lighter as we are not wrapped up in things we don’t value.  We have no need to be a part of the endless drama of trying to fit in with people or activities that are not value add.   We have better focus and able to see beyond our current situation.  Knowing what we value connects us with the future and opens our perceptions to the opportunities that present themselves as we walk along our path instead of someone else’s.

As Shakespeare says,
“To thine own self be true.”

I apologize for any typos, punctuation or grammar errors. Feel free to comment and let me know of my errors so I may correct them and better my biz.

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