Happiness Hunters

To all the happiness hunters out there, of which I count myself one, we are hunting snipes.  Just like snipe hunting which is typically a practical joke played on those as part of a hazing, snipes do exist (check out wiki page on it).  Happiness exists but it is not something we can directly influence.  We are delusion to think we can control our own happiness.  From a system’s perspective, happiness emerges from the interplay of many factors.  Certainly, over time we habitualize those things we do have control over like out attention, actions and attitude in ways producing more happiness in our lives but fundamentally we do not control our happiness.  Nor can happiness be given to us by a person, product or particular experience as the positive pushing pimps of the world want us to believe.  Of course we more often than not lose some of our precious resources of time, energy and money when we buy into the delusion of controlling happiness pushed by the positive pimps of the world.

Instead of given away our precious resources, why not seek to understand what factors generate our happiness.  Attempt to find the root causes of our happiness.  Once we have an idea of whatever allows our happiness to emerge we can then spend our  time and energy in ways to bring about more of it.  To do so, the first step is to realize we don’t control our happiness.  Consuming some libation, drug or product doesn’t make us happy.  Advertising, commercials and the positive pimping of the world then hold less sway in our live and leaves us to explore what does make us happy and what we truly want out of our limited time.

The second step is to stand back and look at what happens in your life without judgement.  Just observe the unfolding of life around and within you. As you look around keep track of those things relating to the happiness you seek.

The third step is to orient yourself towards those things you do have control over that also relate to the happiness you seek.  Specifically, guide your attention to those actions and attitudes that brought you more happiness.

You can now make decisions leading to greater happiness with this reorientation of your attention, actions and attitude.  Even if you are restricted by your situation physically or emotionally, this reorientation over time will lead to a more positive experience and even happiness.  In the long-term more life satisfaction emerges from this hunting for the roots of happiness instead of the snipe hunting the positive pimps of the world want us to do in order to fill their pocket books.   Understanding the roots of our experience and adjusting our course in life is managing the biz of you.


I apologize for any typos, punctuation or grammar errors.
Feel free to comment and let me know of my errors so I may correct them and better my biz.

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