Pimps and Nannies

Look around and there’s all kinds of positive self-help, coaching and marketing mumbo jumbo.  We crave it like cocaine, crack or any other highly addictive drug.  The positive pushing pimps of the world wield it to sucker us into all kinds of things like buying Coke, cars or cream to make our pimples vanish. It’s used to make us feel our way into stores and crack open our wallets.  Not only is it used to lure our financial resources away from us, it’s used in movies, books and youtube to help us connect to some character or contrived story.  The positive pimps of the world love it when we find pleasure in being positive as it serves to reinforce their ideas when we are not directly influenced by the continuous barrage of images.

We are also surrounded the all kinds of negative news and stories of gloom and doom. ‘”Food is scarce in third world countries.”  “A crazy dude molested girls, killed them and stashed away their corpses in his backyard.”  “A child has been stolen as alerted by AMBER.”  “A Tropical storm has laid waste to a number of homes.”  We are filled with the most upsetting news and then proceed to share it with our friends.  We talk it up as spectacular.  We end our discussions saying “aren’t we lucky that’s not us” or “I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that.”  This to is addictive as it serves our need to be better or deserving, or entitlement.

The reality of life is neither positive or negative.  As Hamlet said, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”  We have to be skeptical and ask questions when we are approached by extreme positive or negative things or internal thoughts and feelings.  Fundamentally life is mostly normal and away from the extremes.  What comes to us from the positive pimps or negative nannies of the world are outside the bell curve of reality. It’s not who we are.  The extremes are intended to motivate us to this product or vote for this candidate. While there may be some truth in what comes to us, ask yourself does this impact my life? Does this have influence over me? It is beneficial to remember that most of life is not what is represented to us.

The positive pimps, negative nannies, advertising, movies and the news do not accurately portray what’s going on with the world.  Each of these tug on your “feels” in order to manipulate you in some manner.  To be motivated by the extremes leads us down avenues of despair, loathing, or emptiness as we are most likely unable to experience the same feels we had during the fantasy created by some outside influence. It is unlikely we have any real influence on changing the truth of the situations happening around us or at large in world.  Instead of focusing on what’s outside our realm of influence, we need to direct our attention to what we do have influence over.

Time is our most valuable asset.  Secondary to that, we only have so much energy to apply to the environment we integrate with.  When we find the pimps of positive or the nannies of negative vying for our time, we need to make a choice.  Either we can direct our attention to what’s important to us or we can let the pimps and nannies utilize our resources for their purposes.  Whatever we direct our attention to, we need to use our time and energy accordingly.  It’s up to us to allow negative, positive or verified truth into our lives.  Every moment is a good time to start managing the biz of you and your particular resources.  So, the next time your feels get tugged remember you have a choice.

it's time to start managing the biz of you instead of being manipulated.
it’s time to start managing the biz of you instead of being manipulated.

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