Practice to Evolve

On my sister blog about martial arts, The Bubbling Spring, I posted about practicing martial arts, meditation or whatever relaxation techniques you pracitce in order to reduce our suffering.  If we can be angry or frustrated for five minutes instead of 30 or 60 minutes then we have significantly reduced our suffering.  And, when we are able to stay with the moment instead of getting lost in our particular attachment to anger, frustration or unsuccessful situation, then we are making the Biz of You that much better.  The post is entitled Why Practice? and talks about the importance of maintaining our calm and center in the storms we encounter each day.  When we do, we not only help ourselves but those in the storm with us.

Relative to the Biz of You, maintaining our center no matter how we define, think or feel it is of utmost importance.  However we return to who we are, our vision of the world and what’s important to us is a central tenet of managing the our Biz.  I find that through applying the principles I’ve learned in engineering, management, martial arts and meditation.  What are the things in your life that can help you return to your center and operate in each moment authentically without worry and concern for the judgements of others?  What is your motivation to do what you do?  What are the principles you manage your life with?  How do you lead yourself and others?

Whatever your center is, know it, love it and live it. Return to it when you observe yourself off center or off balance.  Only you can feel your way back to the home within yourself.  Only you can return your thoughts to what’s important in your life.  Only you can manage the biz of you.  You have to do it by letting go of all the unnecessary shit and focus your attention on what you find important and serving something larger than your limited life.

Recently, I was involved with an audit that identified findings with leadership and commitment.  As individuals, if we don’t know what’s important and what it takes to make it happen, then we need to listen to the feedback given to us.  The feedback may come from medical, career or relationship perspectives.  No matter what the source of the feedback in our lives, it’s up to us to listen and be open to the changes being requested of us.  Life is adaptation to the current situation.  We’re getting feedback all the time about how we are integrating with what’s unfolding internally and externally.   It is our responsibility to listen and learn from the information presented to us.  If we don’t, we restrict our ability to evolve and more importantly we reduce our capacity for independent action and thereby slip that much more into the slavery of our minds and energy. Without continual adaptation, we atrophy and die without making a lasting impact on the world around us.  Only you can manage the Biz of You provided you know what your business in this life is.



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