My Old Friend

A couple of very good friends like the following letter to an old friend. I hope you will as well.

Death my old friend. You are always so quiet but always there ready to give guidance unlike your sibling, life, who knows no end to expressing the desire to connect and grow. We walk through our days together going on about having purpose and meaning. Perhaps we would make wiser choices if you would speak to us instead of just being ready to catch us when we fall for the last time.

When I’ve stood on this spot and closed my eyes, you’ve been there. When my body has needed repair or part replacement, you’ve been there. You’re always there just over my left shoulder ready to catch me. So far, I’ve managed to get up and keep walking time and again without your last embrace. There have been times I’ve felt the lingering warmth of your embrace as I’ve come out of anesthesia. I’ve also looked into your eyes as I placed myself in situations with little opportunity to survive. How can we learn to walk down my path together? How can I better learn from you? What wisdom can I utilize as I walk down my road to nowhere? What can we do together as we near the end or my dead end road? Who can I introduce you to and not startle away?

I can feel you just over my left shoulder ready to guide me with wisdom and certainty but life has me looking endlessly forward with desire and anticipation of what ultimately life knows not. Death my old friend, how I wish to hear your wisdom before you catch me for the last time. Thank for being there. Thank you for listening without judgement to my folly and strife. Thank you for being a silent companion within all my relationships and fugacious connections. Death, you are a trusted friend and confidant like no other.

What does death have to the biz of you? More than we think. Death is the spiritual ground we all walk upon. Our biz exists between birth and death. What we do with our time, energy, and attention between the beginning and end determines our epitaph. After we die, what will we be remembered for? Will we have a net positive influence on the world and those we interact with? To contemplate these questions is the beginning of establishing a relationship with Death. It is the shift in attention we need to start managing our biz to the benefit of others as well as ourselves. Keeping these things in mind as we manage our biz turns Death into a friend that we can confide in, find solace, and ask for guidance.

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