Adjust Your TEA

It’s been a while since my last post. Focusing on healing from a second knee surgery and then rolling into quarantine has consumed my time, energy and attention (TEA). There’s only so much TEA we can consume in a day and thus our biz adapts to its constraints.

Social media is all about the pandemic. Managing our consumption of the overwhelming information as well as misinformation is something we all have to do. This blog will not pander to the woes, trials, and tribulations of the pandemic. Managing our business is something we all do no matter what our global situation is. Our environment is changing all the time. We simply have an abrupt change we are managing currently. For some people social distancing is the norm and thus not much has changed other than wearing masks when they leave the house. For others, the change may be more extreme and cause downstream disturbances like divorce, loss of job, or future unplanned kids. No matter what our particular situation, we all have to manage our biz as necessary to continue creating the future we intend with our current experiences.

So what can we do in the midst of radical change? Simply put, we have to use our time, energy, and attention in ways that preserve the future we intend to create. Obviously, our constraints are changing and we may have to adjust our objectives and plans. Our focus may need adjusted as well. If our resources are limited to the point of impacting our daily affairs then we have to pay attention to getting back to where we need to be followed by where we want to be. If resources are not an issue for us then we have to pay attention to preserving our resources and capabilities. Also, we may need to reduce our consumption of daily media so we can get back to managing our biz. There are times like these we need to shift our TEA towards tactical survival activities and away from our long-term goals and objectives. Adjusting our focus is not unique to pandemic or other extreme situations. Each day offers opportunities to keep both our short-term tactics and long-term strategies in mind. Herein lies the point of this post. Managing our biz is a daily affair and includes adjusting our use of TEA as appropriate to our particular situation.

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One thought on “Adjust Your TEA

  1. Good advice, Jake. We only have so much TEA to spend and now is not the time to waste it! Hope all is well for you and your family.
    John A.


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