Adjusting our Expectations

This week, my four-year old son was having some difficulties at school, but so were all the other kids.  When I inquired with the care provider, I found there had been two substitute teachers, one care provider on vacation, and one provider moved on to another job.  The result was a short staff and bringing… Read More

We the System

A system is a set of connected things, parts or elements forming a complex whole.  It can also be an organized theme or set of principles or processes according to which something is done.  We are a system of mental, physiological, psychological and spiritual subsystems, elements and patterns.  Likewise people around us are systems in… Read More

Finding the Connections

There is a sense of relationship, connectedness and nurturing within ourselves.  Do you know it?  It occurs within us in how we move and exist moment to moment.  It arises out of our interactions with others both consciously and unconsciously.  It emerges out of our reflection upon the world around and within us.  Although our… Read More