Humanizing Business

Finding value in ourselves humanizes business.

I’ve been discussing applying business principles to an individual’s life with a few colleagues.  Of interest is some individuals think that business dehumanizes.  I ask Why?  Business is the exchange of value between organizations, organizations and individuals as well as individuals and individuals.  To dehumanize is to deprive of human qualities.  Without humans there would be no business.

In our discussions, the fact that businesses seek profit and take advantage of people comes out as contributing to the perception that businesses dehumanize.  Additionally, the focus on value is associated with money.  Sometimes people have a bad experience when money is involved and then apply the understanding they derive from it to their future interactions.   We work so hard to make the money we do.  Money and its exchange is our primary tool of survival in our modern cultures.  Instead of hunting we go to the grocery store and spend money to obtain the calories we need to live.  Instead of building a roof over our heads to protect ourselves we purchase a house or land and have one built.  We use money to meet our needs as well as entertain ourselves.  It’s no wonder we become attached to it.  Money is a tool of exchange.  Like the blood in our body, we circulate it within our human society to survive and do the things we do.  It is the means by which we exchange value for value.

Understanding the value we associate with the elements in our environment only enables us to make better business transactions.  Recognizing the value we bring to our environment allows us to negotiate better.   Knowing the expectations our environment allows us to improve ourselves with the intent of brining more value to our interactions and exchanges.  To be of value and find value in ourselves conveys our humanity in our physical, emotional and spiritual exchanges.

We humanize the business we conduct in our lives.   Business is simply our practice of commerce where we utilize our resources to exchange value for value.

3 thoughts on “Humanizing Business

  1. Maybe it is not the dehumanization but rather the perceived “fairness” of the exchange, In nature I realize “fairness is not an operative word, it is only the survival of the fittest. I think the ‘fairness factor” has a lot to do with the early years of “the business of yourself”. if you fall behind the curve early in life you may never make up for the loss of time, we can always make more money, not so easy with time…..


    1. You bring up a good point. Our business changes as we adapt throughout life. Our young minds are preoccupied with comparison to others. Experience tempers our tendency to separate ourselves from others. Thank you for you comment Mike.


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