Being More Human

A friend of mine shared a Fortune Magazine article with me.  In Humans are Underrated ( by Geoff Colvin, there are some excellent observations and feedback we can learn from and continue adapting to our modern age. Technology is replacing jobs around the world.  Think of robot surgeons, cars and truck drivers.  Software can research legal… Read More

Embracing Our Wiggle Worm

Watching my four and eight year old attend a martial arts class, I remembered what I’ve seen at work from technicians to executive management.  There are times we all lack focus and become less effective.  We get distracted by personal things.  We get lost in our vision to the point of forgetting to interact with our… Read More

Humanizing Business

Finding value in ourselves humanizes business. I’ve been discussing applying business principles to an individual’s life with a few colleagues.  Of interest is some individuals think that business dehumanizes.  I ask Why?  Business is the exchange of value between organizations, organizations and individuals as well as individuals and individuals.  To dehumanize is to deprive of human… Read More