Embracing Our Wiggle Worm

Watching my four and eight year old attend a martial arts class, I remembered what I’ve seen at work from technicians to executive management.  There are times we all lack focus and become less effective.  We get distracted by personal things.  We get lost in our vision to the point of forgetting to interact with our environment in the moment.  We lose connection with ourselves and lack understanding what we are capable of.   We spin round and round and nothing much happens.  Like a four-year old told to listen, we have the capacity to focus for the first word or two then get lost by looking around or wiggling.  When asked what we were told, we are unable to recall the simplest instructions.  We get so caught up being adults we forget we have the childish tendency of distraction.

Watching the instructor and his amazing patience, he allowed others to do what they think they need to do.  This requires a sense of centeredness and stillness.  Out of this self-centeredness, his patience emerged and allowed him to restate instructions over and over without getting frustrated.  I found myself chuckling, but when I have to deal with it myself, I get frustrated.  I suppose I’m a little to close to the situation.  When my kids don’t do as I ask it affects my ability to get things done for them or for myself.  It’s difficult to let go of what I think needs done when I have the responsibility for caring for my family and my work let alone myself.

What I learn from this is to embrace and respect my own inner wiggle worm.  By knowing I have the same capacity for lack of focus and self-control allows me to better relate to those around me.  This is true whether at work, home or elsewhere.  Recognizing others as a reflection of myself increases my compassion and patience like a ripple in a pond.

Gimp Mathmap
Pond Effect by Nevit Dilmen (wikicommons)

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