What to do with passion?

Perhaps you’ve found your passion in life or even found a few.  Now what do you do?  Where passion is a choice born out of our unconscious, the life we create is born out of the decisions we make and actions we take.  It is up to us to face the future and imagine the consequences of our actions and what the life we value will be like.  What resources do we need to bring it to be?  What will we need to learn?  Who will we need to interact with to bring it about?  What is the life we want to create dependent upon? We have to answer in many different ways the question of how will we get there?

For many of us, we simply don’t know.  We have an idea of what we want but not how to get there.  Alone we are likely to fail in bridging the gap between here and there as our single perspective is limited. Together we are more likely to be successful.  When we talk to others about our vision of what we truly want, people may share ideas on how to make it happen.  We can learn from others about how to bridge the gap as long as we keep our vision in mind and remain open to different ideas and perspectives. We are lucky to live in the information overloaded society we do.  It’s easy to fire up a computer browser and ask questions and learn from people we would otherwise not meet.  This empowers us with information on how to take action and accomplish the goals we set for ourselves.

face the future
To bring more passion in our lives we have to face the future and participate in making it.

The next post will be about figuring out the puzzle of our lives so we can put our passions to use creating the lives we truly want.

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