Working with our Ego-Bound Delusions

Sometimes it seems like everyone is so ready to point out mistakes and put us in our place. Leaders tell us how we are not looking at this or that perspective or dabble in our work and undermine our own efforts. Co-workers tell us our questions are not useful or mask our inquiry with their… Read More

Without Passion, Why do it?

I’ve written about finding our passion through exploration recently.  After writing the posts, I came across an article within a copy of the May 2015 Popular Science magazine a good friend gave me, Nothing but the Truth ( by Alan Lightman.  The article talked about “science’s greatest weakness is also its greatest strength and talks… Read More

Marriage is Business

Marriage is tough.  Two people coming together doesn’t automatically make a relationship.  It may start with energy and passion, but the relationship evolves over time.  Passion comes and goes.  Connections wax and wane.  Communication strengthens and weakens.  Individuals grow and change.  As statistics indicate, many marriages end in divorce.  There are all kinds of articles… Read More