Without Passion, Why do it?

I’ve written about finding our passion through exploration recently.  After writing the posts, I came across an article within a copy of the May 2015 Popular Science magazine a good friend gave me, Nothing but the Truth (http://www.popsci.com/nothing-truth) by Alan Lightman.  The article talked about “science’s greatest weakness is also its greatest strength and talks of the importance of passion in the quest for truth. A couple of quotes relate very well to our recent posts here on the Business of You blog.

“Without personal investment and passion, most scientists would not struggle with their research projects for months and years as they do. . . . Science would not proceed without such devotion.  And there is the irony.  Passion is a double-edged sword, one that can bestow both fortune and misfortune upon those who wield it.  Passion is the stuff that drives us on, but it can also cloud our vision.”

The article talks about how scientists in their passionate quest and irrational exuberance for truth sometimes don’t fully engage in the scientific process of considering every conceivable way they may be personally wrong. Egos get in the way as their self-worth hangs on their calculations and theories.  Scientists like all of us “are driven by the same passions and biases and emotional attachments.”  We’re all human and science is a human endeavor.

Whatever we choose to do with our life, passion and irrational exuberance forms the product and service of the business of you.


Do it with passion

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