Ongoing Processes

We are constantly evolving through incremental changes brought about by the processes we execute.  We’re not just evolving as a species but as individuals in how we think and live within our bodies.  Change is ever present as is process execution.  As we age, the oxygen uptake in our brain changes which leads to different perceptions of time when we are young and old.  Our choices in the past create the responsibilities of the present which can feel like constraints and chains which reduce our degrees of freedom.  If we regret or rebel against our responsibilities, we go against our prior selves.  Where’s the integrity in that?  We may not have known how our decisions would restrict us in the future, but we have to deal with it nonetheless.  If we don’t accept the fate we created for ourselves we undermine who we are.  As change is ever present, we have to exercise what degrees of freedom we do have to provide for the future we currently intend.  We have to adapt or we decline in our effectiveness and vigor.  Without constant adaptation we atrophy.  This is simply the evolutionary process we conduct on an on-going basis within our daily lives.

As we change, it is critical to retain the useful aspects of ourselves that have value as well as our practical  interactions with our environment.  As we grow and adapt to our peculiar situation, we may find a friend, spouse or job is not willing to adapt with us.  To retain a relationship that is not effective in sustaining our business reduces our degrees of freedom thereby lowering our chances to succeed at what we intend.  Where’s the value in that?  If the relationship is important to us, we have to work with the individual or group to come to new understanding which sets up the conditions by which the relationship or individuals may adapt along with us.  It comes down to being aware of what we intend and regularly evaluating our situation.

This process of regular evaluation is nothing more than the OODA process applied at a different level than the daily activities we are involved with.  We have to step back and go through the process to observe, adapt, value what’s important and learn from what we have done, are doing and want to do.  Coupling this with the ability to let go, we allow the non-adapted aspects of ourselves or environment to fade away thereby becoming the best we can be.  And, we do this through the processes we engage in whether we know what those processes are or not.  As we become more aware of what our peculiar system is, are values, how we function, and how we interact with others, we create the potential to maximize our effectiveness and efficiency in reaching our objectives.  We act like a business.  Managing our resources allows us to bring about as much pleasure, happiness and life satisfaction as possible thereby making it possible for us to live a valued life.

ongoing processes
We interact with our environment all the time in the same way. Understanding how allows us to manage the Biz of You.

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