Embracing the Dark Side

This post could come from different angles as the “dark side” can refer to many different things, some quite fun.  To keep with the nature of this blog, the dark side I refer to is what was previously posted.  The dark side of freedom is our choice and the fantasy of everything we could be or do. This fantasy begets the fear of missing out which leads to lack of decision-making, regret and suffering.

When we make a choice we head down one path versus another.  An economist would say the cost of any choice is the lost opportunity of the path not taken.  When we are faced with multiple choices, the opportunity costs may seem staggering and easily mutate into fear of missing out.  For the rational types, one can analyze the different options to see what the best choice is.  This has the risk of  paralysis by analysis.  For the feeling types, one can connect with the different options and find which path feels like the right one.  This has the risk of being overwhelming.  It is important for us to be true to ourselves no matter what our approach to decision making may be.

Accepting who we are and the choice of who we want to become is the “embracing” I refer to.  Embracing the dark side is to accept where we are, our given situation and the gap between who we are and who we want become.  To want something is a big responsibility and we are accountable to ourselves.  No matter where we may be in life, we have the capacity to drive change in the direction we intend.  Accepting who we are and what we want is the baseline we have to establish here in this moment, and the next and the next after that.

Don’t be afraid to draw a line in the sand and embrace your dark side.  Once we decide what is appropriate for ourselves, letting go of all those other possibilities is the next step towards success.  This is another aspect of embracing our dark sides.  We have to let go of the other paths, what others think, make that decision and step out on our own.  This is independence.  It is taking responsibility for our lives and what we want.  Once we do so, we enable not only ourselves but others.  Our independence is the inspiration for others to do the same.  Our independent thoughts are what make the companies we work for  better as opposed to simply falling in line to get a paycheck. If the organizations we interact with do not appreciate or utilize our independence then we are left with a choice.  There are times we have stand out and others we have to blend in.  It’s up to us to decide what’s appropriate. It’s up to us to manage our biz. Timing is critical to drive changes in our lives in a manner that serves our intentions as well as the intent of those we interact with.  This is the great benefit of embracing the dark side.  When we are honest with ourselves, others and act independently we serve the higher good in exercising our freedom of choice and helping others to do the same.  This is what makes our lives the best they can be.

Be acceptable to yourself
Be accountable to yourself

For next time think about how our choices beget responsibilities which reduces our freedom. What a precarious balance we are presented with every decision.

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